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Thin Brick is generally utilized in two primary installation methods: Embedded or Adhered.

The Adhered method is where Thin Bricks are applied directly to the existing wall or a backer board/panel substrate with some type of adhesive, then joints are grouted/tuck pointed.

Using Thin Brick in an adhered application is an outstanding method for renovation/re-hab projects, interior or exterior where brick is the desired aesthetic. Since it is much lighter weight and thinner in cross section, in most projects it can be installed directly over existing materials. Adhered materials are far more cost effective than traditional masonry in new construction. Thin Brick can be installed on/off site, depending on the project.

Adhered applications require many of the same elements as full bed-depth brick: separate structure, vapor barriers and/or weep systems, separate installation and fire proofing, grout/mortar joints. Most modern installations involve mechanically fastening a backer panel ( typically a punched or expanded metal ) to the wall, then adhering the Thin Brick with a high grade construction adhesive, then tuck pointing the joints. We recommend out TABS II structural system due to its user friendliness, structural integrity, integral weep system, test data, and performance history; plus it's a warrantable (up to 50 years) assembly when installed by a certified contractor.

Backer Panels for use in adhered applications come in many materials

Metal Lath
Punched Metal Sheet
Cement Board
Asphalt Board

All install essentially the same way: mechanically fasten ( screw, nail, brad, etc. ) to the wall, then adhere the bricks to the backer panel, then tuck-point the joints. This can be performed ON/OFF site. Although backer panel installation is similar amongst materials and manufacturers, there are many other important aspects of the projects to consider such as structural integrity, moisture management and ease of installation. Workmanship, contractor experience and warranties are also important considerations.

As such we recommend the TABS II and THIN TECH panel systems for exterior applications due to its structural integrity, integral weep system, durability, performance test data, and warranty.

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