Products - Thin Brick

What is a thin brick? A thin brick is similar to a ceramic tile. Thin brick is a clay masonry facing product specifically manufactured to adhere to a backing material or to be embedded into a concrete substrate. Thin brick may be used for interior and exterior applications.

Residential thin brick come in many sizes, textures and shapes and are compatible with conventional masonry making it easy to plan traditional exterior features and details. For commercial projects thin brick are generally manufactured to more exacting tolerances and internal properties, especially when embedded into a concrete substrate.

Thin brick wall systems generally save money by eliminating structural elements such as steel lintels, as well as reducing the size of foundation walls and footings. The old adage that time is money is relevant to the installation of thin brick. Thin brick can be installed faster than traditional full bed brick. A feature, which is a benefit to the owner is he may add net useable space to a project due to the reduced depth of the wall assembly. Last but not only, kiln fired clay thin brick material is color-fast, will not fade over time, will not contribute to flame spread and contributes no VOCs.

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